Weekend Away With Yo! Kulele



Yo! Kulele Weekend In York.

A mixed bunch of like minded Yo! Kulele-ites from all over the country came together in York, one of Britain's most enchanting cities, to improve their playing, make new friends and generally have a good time!

We were lucky enough to be staying at the York Racecourse Centre. The friendly staff looked after us incredibly well and Brian the chef even went to the trouble of decorating our cakes with individual ukuleles.



What did we cover?

- Basic principles of ukulele playing and tips to help you improve your playing.

- Playing chords effectively.

- Playing in time and together with others.

- Rhythm, finger picking and strumming patterns.

- Soloing and improvisation using pentatonic scales.

- A look at playing techniques in particular styles e.g. Rock, Blues, Flamenco and Jazz.

- Playing in different keys and transposing between them.

- How to work out and master the chords for particular tunes or songs.

- Playing in different time signatures.

- Work out a piece to play within a small group and perform it.

The weekend was very hands on, with lots of playing and opportunities to jam with other like-minded players.



Pete Mitchell our expert ukulele tutor took us through different strumming techniques, finger picking and melodies with his friendly, but thorough approach to teaching. With more than twenty years' experience as a pro and semi-pro musician, he has been teaching for over fifteen years. Pete inspired us with a wide variety of music styles ranging from Rock, Blues and Folk, to Pop, Rockabilly and Swing. As well as doing recording sessions, Pete has played pubs, clubs, hotels, theatres, weddings, parties, holiday camps, ships and even prisons!

One of the great things following on from weekend is that several of us within a reasonable travelling distance from each other are planning to continue to meet up and play together on a regular basis.

This is what some of our guests had to say:

'Thanks for getting this all together, had a great time and learnt a lot too. Will definitely come again thanks, it was a great weekend!' Annie

'Just a quick note to thank you for a really enjoyable weekend. I learned a lot and my head was spinning slightly but there is a lot to practice in the song book and the course notes. Pete is a great teacher and if I lived closer I would take some lessons from him, but five hours is bit too far! The food was excellent too - often vegetarians just get a baked potato or an omelette - compliments to the chef. I’ll keep an eye on your website and please keep sending the newsletters.' Graham

‘Smashing venue, very nice company, expert tuition and really good fun. Looking forward to the next one.' Alan

'A great weekend. Fantastic tutor who makes you feel confident and a supportive environment to learn in. Recommended!' Emma

Look out for news of our next Yo! Kulele weekend away next year. We are planning a variety of workshops and organised strum alongs with some exciting visitors. Watch this space 🙂



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