Yo! Blog Top Ten Ukulele Solos

Yo! Blog Top Ten Ukulele Solos

Here is our top ten collection of favourite ukulele solos. Which famous ukulele solos would you add to the list?

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  1. Taimane Gardner performs a medley of Mission Impossible, James Bond themes and Tico Tico. Filmed at the Ong King Arts Center in Honolulu Hawaii.


2. Rob Scallon plays this incredible piece. Raw talent!


3. Jake Shimabukuro strums monster sounds out of the tiny Hawaiian ukelele, as he plays a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  It’ll send shivers down your spine.


4. Prelude from the Cello Suite, No. 1, BWV 1007 performed on unaccompanied ukulele by John King.


5. Loopers have become a great tool for musicians to showcase their skills in a variety of forms. Brittni Paiva came into the studio and showcased her skills on a great song!


6. 40th Annual Roy Sakuma Ukulele Festival featuring the very best on ukulele!


7. Ukulele-Instrumental-Version of `Highway to Hell`from AC/DC played on a Flea Tiki Soprano by Rawuke.


8. Aldrine Guerrero playing Bandito Tyler.


9. Paul Caca plays Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.


10. ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Julien Régnier


If you have any amazing ukulele solos that you’d like to add to the list, contact us at Yo! Kulele.