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The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band

Changing Behaviour?

The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band have just released their new CD!

The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band are a three piece outfit based in Worcester. They are all-singing, all-strumming, toe-tapping Ukulele players with a diverse songbook…and they have a new CD out!

Find out more about what these interesting guys have been getting up to in our exclusive Yo! Kulele interview …..


So the new CD is called Changing Behaviour so how has your behaviour changed?

In many ways especially since our first CD came out a year ago. Our debut was entitled ‘Ukulele Fundamentalists’ which is what we were I suppose. We had an energy and innocence to playing ukulele which came out through the seven songs we wrote and the five songs we chose to cover. The new CD still offers a mix of originals and well chosen covers but has challenged us to improve both vocally and musically. On a practical level our individual lives have continued to change and evolve with Gez moving to the north of England last year.


Doesn’t that make writing and rehearsing difficult?
Yes but it’s all about commitment and planning. We communicate regularly and share thoughts and ideas all the time. We plan our dates to write, rehearse and perform and Changing Behaviour is the result of those efforts.


What are you most proud of with the new CD?
We are proud of all of it and each other. We all have busy lives so to come together and create something new feels really special. I suppose we always feel most proud of our original songs. They’re like our children that we send out into the world. On the new CD we have given birth to First World Problems, Changing Behaviour, The Girl Upstairs, Love My Hats, Lost for Words and Ukulele Hero (bonus track).


So when did you guys start?
Initially we (Gez, Kevin and David) all met a few years ago when attending Worcester Ukulele Club. We became friends and the band itself formed at the start of 2015 primarily as a busking group to raise money for Kevin to run the London Marathon. However, repeated offers to play gigs, festivals and weddings encouraged us to commit more time to performing. Regular appearances at local venues and on the streets of Worcester have gained us a following locally and on social media.


What kind of venues have you played at so far?
The most high profile events have been the Severn Sounds Festival, WestFest, the Royal Three Counties Show and the Worcester Music Festival. We’ve done a mixture of pub and wedding gigs across the West Midlands too. I still think somehow we are most at home on the High Street where we started. There’s still something fun about interacting with an unpredictable public so up close and personal. There’s a freedom to it somehow.


What’s next for you three?
The Worcester Music Festival ends our summer engagements, so we will be looking into some options up to Christmas to play our new material out and about. We’ve already been talking about what CD3 might look like with ‘Raising the bar’ and ‘Collaboration’ as our watch words. We will also keep an element of fun in whatever we do as some of our lyrics and videos show. It sure to be an exciting journey wherever it takes us.


You can also find us at:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TNCukuleleband

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheNaughtyCornerUkuleleBand

Twitter: @TNC_ukuleleband

Website: www.thenaughtycornerukuleleband.com

Email: the_naughty_corner@outlook.com