Where should I buy a ukulele and which one? Try before you buy

Where should I buy a ukulele?

It doesn’t really matter where you buy your ukulele; the most important thing is that you have tried it out first.

Read our Yo! Kulele reviews to help you to decide.

There are so many ukuleles out there, so it's best to test a few out for yourself first in music shops, at ukulele festivals or even borrow one from a friend. Hold your chosen ukulele carefully and feel what it would be like to strum it and to fret the notes along the neck. Make sure your fingers feel comfortable.

If you can’t play yet, get someone else to play a few chords so that you can get an idea of the sound, but you never really know how it feels or what size is best for you, until you have held it and had a go yourself.

The problem is, once you have bought one, you may catch the ukulele bug and want to buy another and another; there are so many different sounds, shapes and sizes and they are all so collectable!

Once you have found the make and model that you really like, then you can shop around for the best price. The quickest and most comprehensive choice is on the internet. Don’t forget to read other people’s reviews of your chosen make and model before you buy, just to make sure it’s generally recommended as a good choice.

Top 5 starter ukuleles.

Before you buy your ukulele you need to think about consider the size, material, and brand when. Most of the popular ukulele makers offer starter ukuleles at an affordable price for those learning to play. Here are some suggestions:

1. Makala Dolphin Soprano Read more

2. Mahalo Les Paul Style Soprano Read more

3. Lanikai  Soprano Read more

4. Stagg Soprano Read more

5. Cordoba Concert Read more


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