Video Of The Week ‘All We Got Is Each Other’ by Victoria Vox and Jack Maher

Photo credit Philip Edward Laubner


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Victoria Vox and Jack Maher

Victoria Vox is quite simply a pleasure to listen to with her infectious smile, moving lyrics and breathtaking harmonies. Victoria’s upbeat rhythms and talented song writing most definitely take the humble ukulele to another level.  Variety is just one of Victoria’s strengths, add to that her skill at playing the “mouth trumpet” and occasionally singing in French. You can see why Victoria’s music delights audiences of all ages.

We caught up with her most recently at this year’s Grand Northern Ukulele Festival where she teamed up with husband and fellow musician Jack Maher to give another stunning performance. Find out more about Victoria Vox in her exclusive interview with Yo! Kulele at GNUF 2017.


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