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Ukulele for Beginners

Ukulele for Beginners covers everything you need to know to get started.

Learn how to read chords, develop a good sound, discover common strumming patterns and much more. With straight to the point learning and helpful diagrams, photos and YouTube links every step of the way. Ukulele for Beginners is full of practical advice to get you playing.

What do I get? - A 26 page beginner’s guide to playing the ukulele.

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Buying Your First Ukulele - Where to buy, what size and the best model for you.

Strings and Things - Find out which strings to buy and how to change them.

Getting a Good Sound - How to hold your ukulele, how to tune up and how to start strumming.

How to Read Chords - Practise your first chords with easy to read chord diagrams and photos.

Strumming Patterns - Top tips for trying out different strumming patterns with YouTube links.

Get Playing - Play your first song using the chords you have learnt.

Picking Patterns - Easy to follow instructions on picking patterns with YouTube links.

Essential Top Tens - Top ukulele tips for beginners, with ideas for songs, people to follow and useful websites.

What people have said.

‘Ukulele for Beginners is a superb self-teaching tool with useful YouTube links and clear, easy to follow instructions.’ Andrew Middleton

‘Great information for beginners through to intermediate players.’ Helen Spencer

How does the book get to me?

Click on the Buy Now button and follow the online instructions. We’ll send the book to you instantly via email. It arrives in PDF format and you can use it however you like, but please don’t re-post it on your own site or share it with anyone else as this will infringe on the copyright. If you experience any difficulties with your download, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will swiftly deal with any problems.

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