Ukulele Brain Teasers

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We love brain teasers, especially when they have a ukulele theme 🙂

Think outside the box and have fun sharing these with your mates. If you know a good one, why not get it published here with Yo! Kulele?

Remember, the more you do, the better you get!


Correct Answer: He was standing on the bottom rung, or it was lying flat.

Most Witty Answer: He was leaning on a lamp post. Susan Bowden


Correct Answer: He was walking.

Most Witty Answer: Though his technique may have been a bit backward, you can never fault a good delivery. Catherine Gossage


Correct Answer: Jimmy.

Most Witty Answer: Bari. David Doling.


Correct Answer: Stop imagining.

Most Witty Answer: Be plucky, play a new wave tune in the key of sea then walk across the bridge of your uke to get to dry land. Harry Parker.

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