Ukulele Review: Tiger Soprano Ukulele

Tiger Soprano Ukulele

Tiger Soprano Ukulele

Sound The nylon strings that come with the Tiger soprano can lose their tuning quite quickly, but they do eventually settle down. However, it sounds nice and bright and is quite surprisingly loud.

Looks The Tiger soprano comes in a range of colours with a high gloss finish.

Durability The Tiger is not the most durable of ukuleles, but for what you get, it's good value for money. The geared machine tuning pegs are smooth and easy to turn – quite good really considering the price of the instrument.

Overall This is a dependable first ukulele that will hold its tune and will help you along with your initial steps. It has a thin line neck which makes it easy to grip and the clear nylon strings are well spaced out so they are easy to press down on and play chords with. Overall, we would say that the Tiger soprano is a perfect instrument for anyone wanting to simply learn a few chords and try out ukulele playing with a limited budget. With a bag included, it's a bargain.

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