The Makala Waterman Soprano Ukulele Review

The Makala Waterman

The Makala Waterman Soprano Ukulele

Sound Plastic ukuleles of the past really did have some serious problems staying in tune, but not the Makala Waterman. With zero fret technology it even stays well in tune right up the neck. This little waterman has lots of punch, no buzzing and a very pleasing tone.

Looks The Waterman comes in a range of colours, including turquoise, creams and blues. The visible structure to be seen through the translucent blue is particularly interesting.

Durability In terms of durability against the weather, this hardy uke comes second to none. With its strong, light composite ABS construction, it can withstand temperatures of up to 210 degrees! The Makala has open geared tuners which can easily be replaced if they are not to your liking. The only down side is that the silver paint on the fret markers is prone to wearing off after a while.

Overall The plastic ukulele is making a comeback and in my opinion, the Makala Waterman is a game changer. Sceptical about plastic ukes? So was I, but I was wrong. The Makala Waterman is certainly not a toy. It is playable with a moderately low action and truly accessible - at around $40 this is a great uke to start off with. The Makala Waterman plays well and on a low budget, it does what ukuleles do. When you can play your ukulele in a canoe, on the beach or in your back yard on a rainy day it’s not surprising that the plastic ukulele is rapidly regaining popularity.

Review submitted by Rick Maxson

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