The Beauty Of Major 7ths On The Ukulele




It is surprising how many people know how to play major 7th chords, but do not really understand much about them.
The major 7th chord consists of the root, 3rd, 5th and 7th notes of the major scale (1 3 5 7).


So the 7th note of the major scale is added to the major chord.

For example, if you take the C major scale = C D E F G A B C.
The Cmaj7 chord consists of the notes: C E G B (1 3 5 7).
If you take the G major scale = G A B C D E F# G.
The Gmaj7 chord consists of the notes: G B D F# (1 3 5 7)


Popular songs using a major 7 chord:
Something by The Beatles: Amaj7 chord (second chord of the verse)
Maybe tomorrow by Stereophonics: Ebmaj7 chord (first chord of the song)


Major 7th chords introduce a thrilling semi tonal dissonance (between the lead and root notes – B and C respectively in C major) and this creates a distinctive sound, much prized in jazz music.


If you try out any of these Major 7th shapes anywhere on the fretboard, you will be playing a Major 7th chord!

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