Ukulele Songs To Learn and Share

Share your songs with Yo! Kulele.

Ukulele is all about playing together and sharing a good song with your mates - so here are a few that we and some of our friends have put together.


How To Play Creep by Radiohead


How To Play Fame by David Bowie


The Opening Chord From The Song "Hard Days Night" On Ukulele by Thom Pallozola


How To Play Lola by The Kinks


How To Play Miami by Foals


How To Play Mr Blue Sky On The Ukulele by Rich Huxley


How To Play Perfect Day by Lou Reed


How To Play Smoke On The Water


How To Play Still Life by The Horrors


How To Play 21 Guns by Green Day


If you have a great song you would like to share here with the Yo! Kulele family, get in touch and send it over 🙂


Don't forget, there are lots more ukulele songs to explore here as well as on our song page.



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