Strumming Techniques

Fun up your strum šŸ™‚

Learning to strum a ukulele properly will have you playing songs in no time, putting a little zip in your practice. By learning a variety of patterns and getting familiar with your ukulele, youā€™ll be able to play any song in any way you choose.

Try out some of these ideas for improving your strumming technique:


3 Of The Most Useful Strum Patterns To Learn On The Ukulele.


How To Play An Offbeat Strum On The Ukulele


Learn The Bluegrass Strum On Ukulele With Matt Hicks


How To Chuck/Chunk/Palm Mute by Lorraine From Learn To Uke


How To Play Muted Strumming On The UkuleleĀ 


How To Play The Triple Stroke Strum On The UkuleleĀ 


How To Uke Chunk by Rick Maxson


The Dream Boat Ukulele Strumming Pattern


Super Fast Strumming

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