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Pete Mitchell Ukulele Teacher



All teaching at York Guitar Studio is done by me, Pete Mitchell. I have more than twenty years' experience as a pro and semi-pro musician and have been teaching for over fifteen years. Over the years, I've played Rock, Blues, Folk, Pop, Rockabilly, Swing, Bluegrass and countless other styles.


As well as doing recording sessions, I've played pubs, clubs, hotels, theatres, weddings, parties, holiday camps, ships and even prisons!


I currently gig as a singer/songwriter as well as playing lead guitar and singing with Los Yobos.


Teaching Style

My approach to teaching is relaxed but thorough. A "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't work when it comes to learning to play an instrument. I teach people of many different ages and sizes and they all have different goals and expectations when it comes to the guitar. Some people want to devote their lives to the instrument, some just want to strum a few chords, some only come here because their mum makes them.


York, U.K





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'Great lessons. Pete is a fantastic tutor who makes you feel confident and a supportive environment to learn in. Recommended!' Emma

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