Learn More About Alternate Ukulele Tunings


Learn More About Alternate Ukulele Tunings

By Alan Thatcher


In today’s Yo! Blog, ukulele player, and singer/songwriter Alan Thatcher shares his knowledge and experience of Alternate Ukulele Tunings to provide a simple and straightforward explanation for those of us who want to improve our knowledge and explore the topic more fully.

Thanks Alan and happy strumming 🙂


Preface from Alan Thatcher

All Ukuleles are tuned G-C-E-A, right?
Well the answer to that is ‘lots of ukuleles are tuned G-C-E-A, but they don’t have to be’.

There are in fact many alternate tunings but this article is designed to allow players to take some simple first steps into exploring Alternate Ukulele Tunings as part of solo play.

I have been playing ukulele for about six years having never played an instrument before. I play in a band consisting of guitars, bass and ukuleles (we all play acoustically). Like many new uke players I bought one, then I bought another, then I bought … you know what I mean!

Looking back, one of the main factors behind these purchases was how each new uke looked – there are some great looking instruments out there.

After a while I realised that any number of decent quality, lovely looking ukuleles strung and tuned in the same way tended to sound a little
similar (I’m excluding ukulele banjos here!).

So, after a couple of years of selling and buying I now have arrived at a collection that is designed to give me a range of different sounds and tones, not different looks.


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