Learn How To Play Ukulele Lady by Richard Whiting and Gus Kahn


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What a classic! Published in 1925, the song was first made famous by Vaughn De Leath. Since then, recordings have been made by Peter Sellers, Arlo Guthrie, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, to mention a few. Bette Midler also sang it as a tribute to her native Hawaii.

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Ukulele Lady by Richard Whiting and Gus Kahn


[F] I saw the splendour of the moonlight on Hono[Db7]lu[C7]lu [F] Bay

[F] There’s something tender in the moonlight on Hono[Db7]lu[C7]lu [F]Bay

[Dm] And all the beaches are filled with peaches

Who [Am] bring their ukes a[F]long

And in the glimmer of the moonlight they love to [Db7] sing this [C7] song



If [F/C] you [Am/C] like [Dm7] Ukulele [F/C] Lady

[F/C] Ukulele [Am/C] Lady like a'[Dm7] you [F/C]

If [Gm7] you [C7] like to [Gm7] linger where it’s [C7] shady

[Gm7] Ukulele [C7] Lady linger [F] too

If [F/C] you [Am/C] kiss [Dm7] Ukulele [F/C] Lady

[F/C] While you promise [Am/C] ever to be [Dm7] true [F/C]

And [Gm7] she [C7] sees a[Gm7]nother Uku[C7]lele

[Gm7] Lady foolin’ [C7] ’round with [F] you [F7]


Clear here for the full set of chords and lyrics.


Here is a slightly more modern, but just as beautiful version by Arlo Guthrie: