Fidel and Sarah, Ukulele Teachers


Fidel and Sarah, Ukulele Teachers and Performers.


Want to learn ukulele with us? We'd love to teach you.
We travel Australia-wide teaching our ukulele masterclasses to enthusiastic uke groups.

You have amazing music in you, even if you don't believe it yet.

And we're going to teach you to shine.

We teach ukulele groups how to play ukulele their own way.
Not how to play ukulele like Jake-Iz-Formby-Ike or any other ukulele genius.
Instead, our ukulele masterclasses teach you how to develop your own natural style and sound.

Whether you want to perform or simply improve for your own enjoyment
we'll bring out the best in you.







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"I'm a beginner who lapped up the three Uke workshops Sarah recently presented to our group. Sarah prepares her workshops thoroughly and is a firm, yet fun-loving and engaging guide. Sarah's teaching style impressed me. It seemed to be grounded in her own learning experiences which she vividly recalled and could translate and present to students with clarity. She empowered her students and moved them easily onto the next level of competence. Sarah is interested in supporting individuals as well as nuturing and developing the natural dynamics of ukulele groups. Her workshops were a very positive experience. She did not impose herself or her style but understood the group and worked alongside us. Her legacy of learning will sustain me as an individual and as a member of a Uke group into the future. Best wishes, Catherine."

"Hi Sarah and Fidel, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come to Kangaroo Island to give us workshops and the opportunity to attend  your performances. We are very lucky to have the chance to attend your workshops on many aspects of playing the ukulele and singing tips!! We don't profess to be singers but we surprised ourselves. I liked the different chords progression you taught us and the claw hammer style . I loved your patience with the group but also your direct suggestions for improving our groups dynamics with singing and varying our presentation pieces. We also were "blown away" by your and Fidels musical abilities. We are in awe. We were all delighted that we had the opportunity to attend your Ukulele Workshops and hope that you can return ASAP."
Beth Davis

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