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Ukastle Ukestra

We believe that music is for sharing joyous time together. Everyone should do it.

The Ukastle Ukestra is the contribution that the good citizens of Newcastle are making to the global community ukulele revolution. We are proof positive that learning an instrument, and singing and entertaining is not only the preserve of professionals, but is something that all should aspire to, participate in, enjoy and share. We are comprised of everyday Novocastrians ranging in age from 15 to 83. Most members are new to music making and performing, but through Ukestra we have been studiously learning the finer points of repertoire selection, varying rhythms and having fun.

The ukulele is the best first instrument (and for many people – the last!), and the best way to learn uke (and to play music) is with others. Our ukestras are designed to help you learn and enjoy in a low-stress, fun environment. We have a lot of fun, and get to have new experiences in life because of the ukulele.


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