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Erland the band and how it came to be.

“Music is the celebration of all the things in life that make us most human -- the joy, the pain, the love.”

Singing along to his parents record collection helped develop his voice at a young age. Family dinners had lit candles and music playing with regulars in the rotation such as Billie Holiday, Chet Baker and Bach engraving music deeper into Erland’s DNA. Away from the dinner table was no different, “I remember being so excited to take road trips because it meant my brother and sister and I would get to listen to the mix tapes we had put together for the drive.”

Growing up in a creative family may explain Erland’s musical proclivity.  His family’s photography has been contributed to past album covers and now their videography skills are helping bring Erland’s music videos to life. Erland now has children of his own, inspiring his songwriting and music career, “My family drives me to be the best I can possibly be in both life and music, they are a constant source of inspiration.”

After moving with his wife and children from Dana Point to Santa Barbara, Erland built his guitar teaching business from the ground up teaching kids and adults to play music and follow their passion. “I eventually landed a gig working at a music store. I was sweeping the floors, breaking down boxes and changing guitar strings. They gave lessons there as well so I put my name down as a substitute for teachers that had to leave town or couldn't come in. Word eventually got around that I was a good guitar teacher and I started getting calls to do private in-home lessons.”

Settled in his new home town, Erland lent his vox and chops to numerous Santa Barbara bands, including Walking West, and The Family. But it was his collaboration with singer/songwriter and Jacks Mannequin/Something Corporate frontman Andrew McMahon that would spark the beginning of Erland's career.

While both Erland and McMahon attended Dana Hills High School roughly around the same time, it wasn’t until years later that the two joined forces to make music.

“He had the band that all the girls liked, I remember him in high school, but I don’t think I ever spoke two words to him. Then we ended up marrying sisters just by coincidence and eventually started handing music back and forth to each other.”

McMahon suggested Erland come down to his L.A. studio to record some songs, and not long into the process, they both agreed they’d stumbled upon something special. “He’s been more than just a producer; he’s become a mentor for me in the music business in all aspects.”

Their first stint in the studio gave Erland four songs which he self-released as a solo EP entitled All I've Got.

"It was clear to me that the four song EP needed to be made into an album. The next step was finding a band and the money to record my first full-length album. Once I knew exactly what I needed to do, everything just fell into place. It was meant to be."

First came bass player Moon, whom Erland met at the bar at SOhO Restaurant & Music Club, where Moon works. Drummer/percussionist Nate Keezer and Erland's college friend Marko Srdanov on keys and electric guitar followed shortly after.

“It all came together when Andrew offered us a slot opening for him at the Viper Room in Hollywood. It was our first show together so the pressure was high. Everybody really buckled down and learned all the tunes, which was great, but they also ended up having a lot of input when it came time to record the album. This began as a solo project, but once I formed a band that is exactly what it's become, a band. Marko, Mike and Nate bring so much to the table, I don't know how I got so lucky. It happened so fast that It feels like we were all sitting around waiting to play music together and it was just a matter of time before it happened."

Not long after, it was back to the studio, with support from a Santa Barbara private investor and the new band in tow, we began the making of the album On Our Side produced by Andrew McMahon. Co-producer Bear Erickson contributes a wide variety of tasteful instrumentation, furthering the album's melodic arrangements with grace.

Erland now resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he is under contract with a publishing company to write and record songs and is currently working on his next album.




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