Does it matter which ukulele strings I use?

Does it matter which ukulele strings I use?

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Strings and Things. Does it matter which ukulele strings I use?

Yes, is the simple answer to this question. Good quality strings can hugely improve the quality of sound coming from your ukulele. Ukuleles are often sold with poorer quality strings and even the sound of a low budget uke can be made so much better by simply changing the strings. Some common brands of ukulele strings on the market are:


Aquila Nylgut - Probably the most popular strings amongst ukulele enthusiasts. These strings are made from special formula nylon and produce a well-rounded, reliable sound.

GHS Strings - Black nylon strings with a wound-C string. Popular with many players for their warm tone and cool looks.

Worth Clears - Made from fluorocarbon, the nylon is tougher than normal, so these strings have a smaller diameter. The sound is lively, bright, and crisp.... making your ukulele ring out loud.

Worth Browns - Also made from fluorocarbon, but with a softer mellower sound. Fluorocarbon is more expensive than nylon, so the cost of these strings is more.


D'Addario Pro-Arte - Makers of classical guitar strings. These strings will make your sound a little different. They are slightly thicker than other ukulele strings and produce a clear resonant sound. They are used by Jake Shimabukuro, so if you want to play like him, perhaps these are a good choice for you.


Whichever strings you decide to buy, remember to check that they are the right size for your ukulele and tuning.

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