CTrietsch Cigar Box Ukulele Review

CTrietsch Cigar Box Ukulele


CTrietsch Cigar Box Ukulele Review.

Here is a short review and demonstration of what our cigar box ukuleles are like. All of the cigar box ukuleles that I have available are made with a full tenor ukulele sized neck, and they utilize the cigar box for the body. The cigar box body on all of the instruments have been left in their original condition to display their own unique artwork and to open and close as originally used for. Each instrument has a solid mahogany neck with Grover geared tuners, hand carved bone nut and bridge saddle, and a bubinga (similar to rosewood) fingerboard.

The video gives a good sample for the type of sound you can get out of these instruments. They feel and sound just as good as a regular tenor ukulele, with a cigar box for the body.

A little bit about me.

I have been playing the ukulele for several years. Heavily influenced by the work of Jake Shimabukuro, Aldrine Guerrero and Kalei Gamiao, I perform instrumental covers of their songs and many others. I have also been writing my own compositions for the past two years. The instrument that I perform with is a Koa tenor CTrietsch ukulele which I finished building in September 2013. I post recordings and tutorials on youtube so check out my page!


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I also like to build my own ukuleles out of handpicked tone woods. I've worked with all different types of woods including mahogany, koa, rosewood, maple, spruce, cherry, chestnut, oak, and walnut. I've built over a dozen instruments and really love to spend time working on each one to create the best sounding instrument that I possibly can. The process normally takes me 2-3 months but the results are a professional quality instrument that sounds great. I am currently playing an ukulele made out of Koa, wood which came straight out of Hawaii. I spent 6 full months working on this instrument and am delighted with the results. Check out some of my pictures or videos to see it in action!

If you have any questions about my performances or my ukuleles then feel free to contact me via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CTrietschUkuleles/timeline and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Chris Trietsch


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