Blues And The Pentatonic Scale On Ukulele


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The Pentatonic is a great scale to learn on the ukulele. It is usually the first scale taught with good reason. It is pretty simple, and it works really well over simple chord progressions, as well as being a great place to start practicing improvisation for soloing.


The C Minor Pentatonic Scale can be mastered in minutes. The 7 notes in order are as follows:

C (open C string)
Eb (3rd Fret, C string)
F (1st Fret, E string)
Gb (2nd Fret, E string)
G (3rd Fret, E string)
Bb (1st Fret, A string)
C (3rd Fret, A string)

The best way to practice any ukulele scale is to memorize the individual positions along the fretboard.


Now let’s put the C Minor Pentatonic Scale into action. 

Dm / G7 / Cmaj

With this chord sequence as a backing, you can play sequences of notes from the C minor pentatonic scale to get a bluesy kind of improvisation going. Get together with your ukulele mates and give it a go!

A good song to practise with using these chords is Seaside by The Kooks   



Have fun 🙂

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