Ben’s Epic Ukulele Road Trip

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Ben’s Epic Ukulele Road Trip

We love catching up with Ben on his Ukulele Road Trips.

A heatwave has hit Europe and many of us have just come back from a holiday in the sun, but not Ben!

This week he is in Rimouski in Québec, Canada with his ukulele and it’s a little bit chilly.

Here is an extract from his latest blog ……


Sometimes, no matter how musical you feel, and how much you’re used to walking/singing around with your uke in hand, the cold wins; “it’s far too freezing to play ukulele”.

That’s definitely the case in Rimouski, by the icy banks of the gusty St Laurent River in Québec. Not only is it far colder than what you imagine the coldest place on the planet to feel like, but snowstorms might just surprise you at any moment.

However, for the diehard bard, there’s a workaround. “Just put your gloves on, that will do quite nicely”.

It’s impossible to train your fingers to resist the harsh cold winds of North-Western Gaspesia “… they’ll turn blue and surely fall off before the second refrain”. 

Much more realistic is to train yourself to play with skiing gloves.

“Just major chords here in Rimouski”, because due to the super-complicated technique – sticking out one single finger on the left hand and just moving up and down the ukulele – you can only play major chords. Except for an A (minor) “But it’s okay it’s not that tricky anyway“.

When it’s below 0 degrees Kelvin, as it is, most winters on the beaches here, you don’t sit around inside complaining anyway. You (snow-)suit up, get out there, and leave the whining and the minor chords to people in warmer climates.



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