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Who doesn’t love music? At Yo! Kulele our mission is simply to spread the joy of playing music on the ukulele to as many people as possible. So why not become part of Yo! Kulele today and join our worldwide community.

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Our story                                                                                                                                   

Having played the guitar from the age of seven, I went along to the Deershed music festival in deepest Yorkshire with a friend who persuaded me to go along to a ukulele workshop. Well, that was it, there was no going back. I loved the sound of the ukulele, its power to spread joy and the feeling of belonging to a group of people having fun.

I bought my first ukulele and gave it some sunglasses. I joined a ukulele group, had a blast, played a wide variety of songs and met some great people.

After starting a ukulele interest page on Facebook, we quickly realised that we belonged to a very popular and ever growing worldwide ukulele community and the rest just followed naturally.

Setting up the Yo! Kulele website means that we can reach out and bring together as many ukulele addicts around the world as possible. Through social networking I am constantly reminded about how accessible the ukulele is to all ages from the very young to the very old.

Ukulele really does have the power to change people’s lives and makes people happy wherever it is played (as long as it is in tune).

We want this website to be your website, where you can share your experiences, music and reviews as well as indulge in your passion for all things ukulele. Start sharing now and Get in Touch. Enjoy!

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