5 Ways To Play The Notorious ‘E’ Chord On The Ukulele

The Chord That Shall Not Be Named ....

Is the E chord that hideous to play on the ukulele? Or is it just a bit complicated?

Here are 5 alternative ideas for tackling the E chord on the ukulele. Try them all out and please let us know which works best for you.

1. The standard E chord.E2
Not pleasant trying to cram all your fingers together in the fourth fret.

I find a useful way to play standard E is to barre the 2nd fret and bend the ring finger for GCE on 4th fret. However, it does take a bit of practice bending your finger without touching the A string.

My friend Alan likes to use his thumb over GCE on the 4th fret with his index finger on the A string at the 2nd fret. It works for him, but I find it difficult to press down (probably because my fingers are smaller) and changing chords quickly with this method is more challenging.

2. Spread your fingers out more and see if this suits you ...


3. Or why not try a nice bit of barre on the 4th fret.PresentationE4

4. This one is just like playing the Bb chord on the 7th fret.


5. Thanks to David for adding this one! It is E7 played with the second C string open and the third E string muted. This is my new personal favourite 🙂Efav

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