Featured Ukulele Artists Honoka and Azita



Honoka and Azita

This talented pair of amazing ladies are "like sisters," according to their manager. They've been studying the ukulele since they were 10 and 5, respectively, and met at the Ukulele Hale studio in Honolulu where they took weekly lessons.

They started as solo artists, then decided to pair up to produce the incredible, award winning performances that you see today.

You can catch Honoka & Azita performing most Friday evenings to large crowds on the streets of Waikiki, or on their increasingly popular Youtube channel: youtube.com/honokazita.

Honoka and Azita just put a smile on our faces whenever we come across them. They are true ambassadors of the ukulele and long may they continue to wow the crowds with their dynamic music and energetic approach to life.

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