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The Ukelites

The Ukelites were founded by Miriam Hein and Günter Steffen in Munich in 2012. The pair love to resurrect beautiful, but sometimes forgotten songs.

The Ukelites use a rich variety of musical styles. Melody rich jazz standards of the 20s and 30s are a particular favourite and are well suited to their ukulele arrangements. Miriam’s deep voice is also perfect for their blues and soul numbers.

This talented pair of musicians is often joined by a boom-drummer at concerts and although Steffen usually accompanies Miriam on the bass ukulele, he can also be spotted playing a variety of instruments.

The beauty of The Ukelite’s music is that it is always acoustically presented and free from artificial effects. Since 2012 The Ukelites have performed at numerous international concerts. They specialize in producing small home videos, which can be seen on their YouTube channel or on Facebook.

Who knows where their musical journey will take them next?

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