Kala KA-CE Concert Ukulele Review

Kala Concert Mahogany Ukulele

Kala KA-CE Concert Ukulele

Sound Although made of laminates, this Kala Mahogany has a good sound. It cannot compare the more expensive ones for tone, but it is more suitable than a solid wood ukulele for beginner. This one has a pickup system for plugging into an amp, PA, or recording device. The EQ and built in tuner are useful features too.

Looks A beautiful ukulele with traditional white binding on the top and a rich satin mahogany finish.

Durability The hardware seems pretty sturdy. This is a good quality uke.

Overall A good size for wider fingered people, great option for amplification and handy built in tuner. Easy and smooth to play. The Kala KA-CE Concert should last for years and still be beautiful.

Submitted by Yo! Kulele   yokulele.com

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