10 Fingerpicking Styles And Patterns For Ukulele




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10 Fingerpicking Styles and Patterns For Ukulele

Here are a few patterns from the video that should make good starting point for you to play around with:
1.  Thumb Only
2.  Double Thumb
3.  Thumb & Index & Middle
4.  Double Index & Middle
5.  Thumb & Index & Middle & Ring
6.  Staccato
7.  Muted
8.  Half time / Double time
9.  Picking / Strumming combination
10. 3 Notes played together, followed by 1 note played alone


These are just a few  fingerstyle patterns to get you going, but learning to develop your own ideas is important.

If you are new to finger picking, the important thing you can do at this stage is just to explore different ideas. Don't worry too much in the early stages about trying to find a perfect pattern, but be happy to just make one up at all and be able to play it!

Try to be aware of the bass notes, making sure that they are on the beat, and then fill in the blanks in the melody line as you like.

The more you explore different styles, the more versatile your finger picking will become.

Enjoy 🙂


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